Here's How to Drive a New BMW for Less - Lease Don't Finance

The world of car leasing can be a scary one, especially if this is your first time considering a lease as a viable option.

It also doesn't help when you are working with a dealership that uses complicated language and terms you have never heard before.

That is why we developed The Definitive Guide To Leasing a BMW so you can educate yourself on how the lease process works. In this short guide, we translated and simplified the lease process so you'll feel confident negotiating a new lease.

As a result, you'll enjoy all the perks of a BMW car lease such as lower monthly payments and routine maintenance built into the pricing structure.

Here's a small part of what you'll find inside the Ultimate Guide to Lease a BMW:

  • The three most important questions to ask yourself to ensure a lease makes sense for you

  • How to tell a good lease offer when you see one

  • What a $0 Down Lease really means and what most people get it wrong when seeking these offers

  • The single most important number to consider to get the lowest monthly payments possible - ignore it and you'll end up paying more than you should

  • What you need to know about the real loan interest rate is (it's not as straightforward as APR when buying a house) 

  • A list of the six fees you should expect to pay when leasing a vehicle

  • One little known trick to save hundreds or even thousands on the lease

  • Why people who believe that leasing a car is only a viable option for low-mileage drivers

  • The best-kept secret to getting even lower monthly payments that most dealers don't openly discuss

  • Why returning the car at the end of the lease might be a big mistake

  • What to do if your credit is bad so you can improve your chances of getting approved for a lease

  • How to terminate a lease without paying exorbitant fees

  • A list of lease terms explained in plain English so you negotiate like a pro

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