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* with approved credit through BMW Financial Services and subject to minimum 700 beacon score. On select models.

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If you are in the market for a vehicle, one of the first things you need to figure out is your budget and whether or not you are going to pay in cash or elect to finance. The majority of customers in today's market choose the latter for a number of reasons, the most common of which it's a reasonable way to afford the vehicle in good time. Unless you have a vault in your bank filled to the likes of Scrooge McDuck, you might need have the funds on hand to make a down payment and cover the sticker tag. In this article, we will explain how financing a BMW 4 Series works by answering some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from car shoppers.

Q: What does it cost to finance a BWM 4 Series?

A: This answer will differ depending upon the trim and features you choose. For example, the 430i will vary from the 440i even though there's only one character separating their names. Prices of sedans will also differ from convertibles. Then there's a list of optional features that you can elect to have or live without. That's why we recommend reviewing our list of current offers now to see what monthly payment options are available today.

Q: How does BMW Select Finance work?

A: With BMW Select Finance, customers benefit from lower monthly payments that are closer to what you would be paying on a lease while still securing ownership over the vehicle. The way BMW is able to offer this service is through negotiating a mutually agreed upon final balloon payment that will be assessed at the end of the finance term. This allows customers to save up cash month-to-month and ultimately own a BMW 4 Series in the end.

Q: Lease or finance. What makes more sense?

A: A general principle to live by when it comes to lease or finance is the 10,000-mile rule. If you plan to drive over that, or don't know how many miles you drive each year, financing is the better option. Lease terms come with lower payments so long as you adhere to the mileage limitations. Otherwise, you will be penalized for overages in addition to the normal lease payments. By financing a BMW 4 Series, you know exactly what you will be paying and the vehicle is yours to do what you wish.

Q: Will I know what the car will be worth at the end of the financing term?

A: Every BMW 4 Series comes with a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) that let's you know what the vehicle will be worth once the final payment on the term has been made. This number takes into consideration the car's model, trim, normal wear and tear, and the anticipated maximum number of miles driven during the term. For more information on the GFV of the BMW 4 Series model you are interested in, call us at (570) 338-6955.

Q: What are my financing options? Who do I secure financing with?

A: Most customers either finance through BMW, a third party, or secure financing through the dealership. It is common for most customers to choose the last option. By obtaining financing through the dealership, you are connected to a network of partnering financial institutions that are all competing for business. Therefore, you are opening yourself to several offers to find the one that makes the most sense to you.


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