* Leases plus tax, tag, $144 doc fee & $14.15 electronic filing fee. With approved credit through BMWFS. Must qualify. Leases allowed 10,000 miles per year, 25¢ per mile over.

Looking into leasing a BMW 4 Series? Find answers below to the most frequently asked questions.

  • I want to lease a BMW 4 Series car. What's the monthly payment? First off, which one are you looking at - the 430i or the 440i, sedan or convertible? The monthly payment differs based on the model. BMW changes its lease offers on a monthly basis. To get their current leasing offers on BMW 4 Series check out this page.
  • Is it possible to lease a BMW 4 Series with $0 down? Generally speaking - yes, it's possible. Note that when people talk about leasing a car with $0 down what they mean is $0 at signing. All BMW 4 Series lease offers require a down payment (they have $0 security deposit, though). To learn more, call us at (570) 338-6955 to speak with one of our leasing specialists.
  • What fees are due at signing? It depends on the way the lease offer is structured but generally speaking, expect to pay down payment, first month's payment, license fee, registration fee, acquisition fee, security deposit and tax. Let's also not forget the disposition fee which is due at the end of the lease period, unless the lessee leases another car from the same manufacturer. To learn more about the car lease process, check out our Beginner's Guide to Leasing a Car.
  • Should I lease or should I buy? How do I  tell? How many miles do you drive a year on average? All BMW 4 Series vehicles have a 30,000 mile limit on a 36 months lease. If you think you will need more miles than that leasing might not be your best option even though there are so-called high-mileage leases. To help you make a better decision, check out this article we recently published.
  • Does the lease payment include maintenance? If you lease a new BMW 4 Series it comes with free maintenance included. As a matter of fact, that's one of the main reasons people prefer to lease and not buy - the peace of mind knowing they won't be any expensive repairs. If repair is needed you don't have to deal with it personally, just drop it off at any licensed BMW dealership in Pennsylvania and get a loaner; it's that simple.
  • What's the mileage limit on a 36-month BMW 4 Series lease? All BMW 4 Series vehicles have a 30,0000-mile limit for a 36-month lease. Every mile above the limit is $0.25. If you don't want to deal with the hassle that comes with going over the mileage limit explore our high-mileage leases. Have more questions? Give us a call at (570) 338-6955.
  • Is it possible to buy additional miles on a lease? Yes, it's possible. All you have to do is discuss it with the dealership prior to signing the lease. Hint - it's better to buy additional miles in advance than paying a premium for the same miles at the end of your lease. To learn more about high-mileage lease check out this page. Did you go over the mileage limit and are wondering how to deal with it? If that's the case call us at (570) 338-6955 to speak with a leasing specialist.
  • Is GAP insurance included in the monthly BMW 4 Series lease payments? No, GAP insurance is not included in the BMW 4 Series monthly payments. It needs to be purchased separately and more often than not, you need to shop around to find a good deal.
  • Is it possible to purchase the BMW 4 Series that I have been leasing at the end of the lease period? Sure, you can purchase it at the end of the lease term (as a matter of fact you can do it before that as well). The buyout price will be set when signing the lease so you'll know in advance what it will be. If you want to learn more about that, check out our 5 Reasonsto Buy Your Leased Car article.

  • Is it possible to end my lease early? Yes, that's possible. Life happens and for one reason or another, you need to return the Beemer you have leased. Keep in mind that early lease termination comes with fees that you will have to pay. However, it's possible to minimize or completely avoid paying them, depending on what you're doing next. To see how, check out our Early Lease Termination - What You Need to Know article or give us a call at (570) 338-6955 to speak with a lease professional.

  • My lease is going to expire soon. Is it possible to extend it? Yes, it's possible to extend it. Technically BMW calls it re-leasing but the idea is the same - you can keep driving the vehicle (usually 12-24 months) while looking for a good deal on your next car. To extend your current lease, give BMW of Wyoming Valley a call at (570) 338-6955.

  • I want to end my lease early. Is it possible to have it transferred to someone else? Yes, BMW leases are transferable. Please note that a lease cannot be transferred with less than 6 payments remaining. In addition, there's a $500 transfer initiation fee ($400 refundable if credit is turned down). You can find someone to transfer the lease to yourself or enlist the help of so-called lease swap sites. They will list the vehicle, find someone to take it over and handle the paperwork on your behalf so you don't have to deal with it, for a fee.

  • Is it possible to lease a pre-owned BMW 4 Series vehicle? Yes, it is possible to lease a certified pre-owned BMW 4 Series. Not a lot of people know it's possible, though. All certified pre-owned (CPO) BMWs come with a bumper-to-bumper warranty that extends the factory warranty by two years. Check out our CPO BMWs page and call our lease department at (570) 338-6955 to discuss leasing one.
  • Can I lease BMW with bad credit? Usually the best lease deals (the ones you see advertised) are for consumers with an excellent credit score. That doesn't mean you can't lease a Beemer if your credit score is less than perfect. The best way to find out if you are eligible to lease a BMW is to give us a call at (570) 338-6955. To learn more, check out the leasing a car with bad credit article.
What's Next? Check Out Our Lease Offers on New BMWs below or Give BMW of Wyoming Valley a Call to Speak with an Experienced Leasing Specialist.


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