Looking into leasing a BMW X4? Find answers below to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How much is to lease a BMW X4 Series? Which one are you looking at leasing - the xDrive30i or the M40i? The latter costs more to lease than the former but to find out what the monthly payments will be check out our leasing page.
  • Can I lease a BMW X4 with $0 down? All X4 lease offers on our website require down payment. However, it's possible to lease a BMW X4 with no down payment. Just keep in mind that leasing a SUV with zero down is different from $0 due at signing in a sense that with $0 down you still have to pay taxes and fees.
  • What fees are due at signing (in addition to the down-payment)? When leasing a BMW X4 in addition to the down payment you will be charged the following fees and taxes at signing:

    • Documents fee 
    • Title fee 
    • Registration fee 
    • Acquisition fee 
    • Security deposit that can be waived
    • Sales tax

    To learn exactly what's due at signing in your particular situation give our finance department a call at (570) 338-6955.     
  • How do I tell if leasing a BMW X4 is a good idea? There's an easy way to tell if leasing a BMW X4 is a better deal than buying. If you drive less than 10,000 miles a year then consider leasing and not financing. This way you will always be driving newer model cars with the latest safety and entertainment features and will have no maintenance expenses. If you are a high-mileage driver or comfortable with keeping the SUV for a long time then definitely look into financing it; it will be cheaper than leasing.
  • Is maintenance included in my the lease payment? Yes, all factory-recommended maintenance services such as engine oil, engine filter, brake fluid, and spark plug changes are covered by BMW's maintenance program when you're leasing a new SUV.
  • Is there a limit on the miles a leased BMW X4 can be driven per year? Yes, there is a 30,000-mile limit on a 36-month leasing. If you think there's a chance you'd go over the limit then it's a good idea to prepay for additional miles. You can also pay for the miles over the limit at the end of the lease period at a rate of $0.25/mile as of when this article was written.
  • Can additional miles be purchased? Yes, you can purchase additional miles when signing the lease. If you did not do that at the end of the lease period, you'll be charged for the miles over the limit.
  • Is GAP insurance included in the lease? No, Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance can be purchased separately either from the leasing company or any of the major auto insurance companies. To get the best deal on GAP insurance request multiple quotes.
  • Can I purchase my BMW X4 at the end of the lease period? Yes, you can do that. The buyout price is spelled out in the lease agreement. You can purchase the vehicle you've been leasing at any point during the lease period; there's no need to wait until the end. Don't want to wait? Give us a call at (570) 338-6955.
  • Can I cancel my lease before the end of the lease term? Yes, you can get out of your lease early but you will have to pay early termination fees.
  • Can I extend my BMW lease? Yes, you can extend it for another 12-24 months. BMW calls it a re-lease but the idea is the same - you keep your vehicle while looking for a good deal on your next car or SUV.
  • Can a BMW lease be transferred/assumed? Yes, you can transfer your lease to someone else. Keep in mind that there are fees you'll have to pay in order to do so.
  • Can I lease a certified pre-owned BMW X5 SUV? Yes, you can lease a pre-owned BMW from BMW of Wyoming Valley. That's a great way to pay less while driving a newer Beemer.
  • Will BMW lease with bad credit? Generally speaking, yes, you will be able to lease a BMW with bad credit but the terms will be different from the ones you see advertised. To find out what's possible in your situation, give our finance department a call at (570) 338-6955 to speak with one of our experienced leasing officers.


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