Looking into leasing a BMW Z4? Find answers below to the most frequently asked questions.

  • How much is to lease a BMW Z4? BMW changes its lease offers on a monthly basis. The best way to see what the current offers on a BMW Z4 is to check our lease page.
  • Can I lease a BMW Z4 with no money down? Our current lease offer requires a down payment. To discuss leasing a Z4 with no money down give us a call at (570) 338-6955. Please note that $0 doesn't mean $0 at signing. Even with no money down you'll still be charged fees and taxes.
  • What fees and taxes are due at signing of a BMW Z4 lease? In addition to the down payment you'll be charged the following fees and taxes:

    • License fee 
    • Registration fee 
    • Documents fee 
    • Acquisition fee 
    • Sales tax 
    • Security deposit (possible to be waived)
  • How do I know if I should lease or buy a BMW Z4? If you are the type that doesn't drive a lot (less than 10,000 miles per year), likes to drive newer models, and enjoy the latest security and entertainment features then leasing a car is a better option.
  • Is maintenance included in the Z4 monthly lease payment? Yes, all new BMW vehicles come with the BMW service program included. It covers factory-recommended maintenance services like engine oil, engine filter, brake fluid, and spark plug changes. Not having to worry about maintenance cost is one of the main reasons people prefer to lease.
  • Is there a limit on the miles a leased vehicle can be driven per year? Yes, Z4 has a 30,000-mile limit on a 36-month lease. If you go over the limit there's a charge of $0.25 per mile as of writing this article, which adds $250 per 1,000 miles. If you know you will be a high-mileage driver either prepay for miles or consider switching to a lease with a higher limit or financing the car.
  • Can additional miles be purchased? Definitely. You can purchase additional miles at the beginning of the lease to get a better deal compared to paying a fee for the same miles at its end.
  • Is GAP insurance included in the BMW Z4 lease? No, it can be purchased separately either from your leasing company or any of the major auto insurers. To get the best deal on GAP insurance, request and compare multiple quotes.
  • Can I buy out my BMW Z4 at the end of the lease? Yes, the buyout price is spelled out in the leasing contract and you can exercise this option at any time. To get started, give us a call at (570) 338-6955.
  • Can I end my lease early? Yes, you can cancel your lease. There's an early termination fee that's due upon returning the vehicle.
  • Can I extend my BMW Z4 lease? You can extend it for another 12-24 months. In BMW lingo it's called a re-lease but the idea is the same; you get to use the car while looking for a good deal on your next vehicle.
  • Can I transfer my BMW Z4 lease be transferred? Yes, you can transfer your lease to another person given that there are more than 6 monthly payments remaining. There's a one-time transfer initiation fee charged by BMW.
  • Is it possible to lease a pre-owned BMW Z4? Yes, leasing a pre-owned BMW Z4 is possible and it makes a lot of sense for people who want to drive a newer model car while paying less (since the person who first owned the car paid its depreciation).
  • Will BMW lease with bad credit? It's possible, but you most likely will not get the offers you see advertised online and on TV because they are for well-qualified buyers. Don't despair, though, call us now at (570) 338-6955 to discuss your situation with one of our experienced leasing officers.


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