BMW vehicles are seriously great driving cars. But you already knew that otherwise you might have not invested in what is justifiably known as the "Ultimate Driving Machine." Regardless of whether you have the X4, X6, the 8 Series, the M5 or even the futuristically designed electric i8 high-performance plug-in hybrid, they will all perform better for a longer period of time if they are properly maintained by the service experts at BMW of Wyoming Valley. That's where your factory-certified service mechanics come in. Together, with your BMW owner's manual, you will likely know everything there is to know about your BMW. But read on for more information on their service and maintenance schedule.

The BMW service schedules in all modern BMW vehicles center around the Condition Based Service system. With this advanced system, your new BMW of Wyoming Valley vehicle uses a system that incorporates sensors and algorithms that alert you when it's time for an oil change, a replacement of brake pads, filters, coolant, and so on. It's so smart that it can estimate when the lifespan of your oil is about to expire and in need of subsequent service.

Think about it for a minute. You are driving a vehicle that is so fun to drive that when you look up the phrase "Driving Pleasure," there is a picture of a BMW instead. So while your BMW is likely to encourage you to hit the roads less traveled, if that road winds its way through mountain ranges, through sandy arid desert roads or twisty curved highways, the CBS system would likely alert you to come in for service sooner. For instance, while your BMW's synthetic oil is generally good for approximately 10,000 miles, or 12 months, whichever occurs first, if the system feels that the engine has been overly stressed, it will recommend an oil change sooner.

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In addition to the oil and oil filter, the CBS system can also alert you to other vehicular needs. But there are other needs that may need attention in between alerts. For instance, although your oil isn't normally scheduled for a change until 10,000 miles, your tires should be rotated at the 5,000 mile mark. The reason for this is to constantly move them from corner to corner on your BMW, thereby equalizing the wear characteristics from all around the car. Our bottom line suggestion: Please keep in touch with your BMW of Wyoming Valley service advisor who will keep you apprised of service needed to keep your BMW operating at its peak potential.

At 10,000 miles: Oil and filter changes will continue throughout the life of your BMW. At the same time, there will be more tire rotations, air and cabin filter changes, coolant replacement, systems checks, inspections of the steering and suspension components, and critically, the brake pads and rotors. Finally, your BMW of Wyoming Valley mechanic will top off all the fluids that may have evaporated or been consumed since the last service, followed up with a check of any outstanding service campaigns and recall notices.

Further on down the road at 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 miles, other services, at the suggestion of the CBS system will come into play. They include some of the old and a few of the new, including engine and cabin air filter replacements, belt changes, and maybe even a new set of tires. Once again, consult with your BMW of Wyoming Valley service mechanic, who will know your BMW vehicle better than anyone.

The Condition Based Service system will alert you at 30,000 miles to another oil and filter change, tire rotation, filters and other repairs. We realize it's a lot of repetition, but the bottom line is if you take care of your BMW, it will take care of you.  

We like to think that at 60,000 miles, your BMW vehicle is just getting broken in. All the previous fixes are in, but this time, add in a fuel filter replacement, an in-cabin filter, and an engine filter. It's also time for a steering and suspension parts check, a tire rotation and more. At the very end, the service mechanic will top off the fluids, perform a multi-point inspection and once again, check against any outstanding service campaigns.

The service advisors and mechanics at BMW of Wyoming Valley offer a wealth of information and best practices on the care and proper use of your new BMW. Not sure where to find us? Just do a Google search for "mechanics near me," for contact information, hours and directions.
At BMW of Wyoming Valley, we are ready to perform service on your BMW investment. We are equipped to have you drop it off to be picked up later. If you're not rushing, take time to relax in our service waiting area, where you will be able to read, watch television, enjoy a beverage and use our complimentary Wi-Fi to surf all the way to the end of the World Wide Web and back again.

Other Essential Services:
We offer new windshield wipers for your BMW because, honestly, if you can't see ahead, you are going nowhere fast. Even if they don't get much use because you happen to live in a dry, desert-like region, the wiper blades may be deteriorating right before your eyes due to exposure to UV rays, as well as of high heat and humidity on the blades. We say replace them twice a year. Your Wyoming Valley BMW parts department has the exact wiper blades for your BMW.

All-wheel-alignment is another critical repair that should be performed on your BMW at least once a year. Your mechanics at BMW of Wyoming Valley will tell you, that there is definitely a pothole out on the road that has your name on it. It's only a matter of when. You may even need one now if you can feel your BMW drifting slightly left or right while you try to steer it straight.

It's a cost effective way to keep your car heading towards its "true north," while at the same time helping you to keep your tire expenses in check. May we also suggest a tire rotation, first? It equalizes the tire wear at each corner. Your BMW M4 owner's manual will have more information.

After all the alignment and rotations you will still eventually need a new set of tires. Expect to get around 30,000 miles per set of properly rotated and aligned tires but if you need them, you need them. We have them all, and at market competitive prices, too! Stop by BMW of Wyoming Valley today!

Nobody knows your BMW the way the factory-trained pros at BMW of Wyoming Valley do. Call for an appointment today. Our team of service experts are waiting to see you.