As well-built as your BMW of Wyoming Valley is, there are still parts on it that will wear out. We call those the expendables. They are the Air Filters, Belts, Wipers, Fluids and Oil that are all vital to keep your 2, 3, 4, M5, Z4, and 8 Series BMWs running like true BMW vehicles. But eventually they will wear out. And that's precisely why you should bring your vehicle to the Parts and Service department at BMW of Wyoming Valley. No one knows your BMW better than the factory-trained service mechanics at our facility.

But at the end of the day, nothing will help to improve the ride of your BMW as much as a new set of BMW recommended tires. Whether you are tooling around in an X5 M, an M6 Convertible, a 7 Series sedan or even the electrifying i8, our dealer's parts and service department will have all the tires you will ever need.

While we stock a wide variety of normal all-season tires for all BMW models, we are also your source for all specialty and winter tire needs you may have.

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New tires are beneficial to the handling properties of your BMW. They can provide improved traction from a stoplight start. Give massive grip while traveling on a sweeping high-speed curve, and even supply superb adhesion while racing through the rain. Aging tires that have become bald after most of their lives have passed them by, can be subjected to hydroplaning on a recently rained-on roadway. That's why it's so important to pay a visit to the parts department at BMW of Wyoming Valley, who will stock all the original equipment tires that actually were on your BMW when you bought it new.

It's always easy to stop by the BMW of Wyoming Valley to discuss new tire needs. But what if you're on the fence as to whether you actually need them. Is there a way you can check for yourself? Of course there is. But we need to warn you. It might cost you a cent. That's right, one penny! After you have located a clean, crisp Lincoln penny, then examine the sidewalls to check for any damaged areas or bulges that may be indicative of internal problems. It is easier these days than ever before to run over road trash or other debris that have found their way to the Interstate Highways. That, if nothing else is keeping a steady demand for new tires alive. After checking the sidewalls, let's work on the tire treads.

The tire treads are a quick read.  Grab that penny.  At this point, place "16" (Lincoln was our 16th president) "head first" into your tire tread groove. If he sinks in up to his ears, there is plenty of tread remaining. Conversely, if he shows a bit of air above his hair, then it is clearly time to replace your worn tires for a new set. Honest Abe wasn't bald. Your tires shouldn't be either.

The BMW of Wyoming Valley Parts and Service department offers tires that feature competitive pricing with all major retailers, and in all popular BMW sizes, too. Questions? Your Wyoming Valley Service Advisor and BMW factory-certified mechanics have all the answers. A quick phone call will allow them to address any of your concerns.

Stop by to see us today. To find where we are, Google "Mechanics near me." From there, we are a quick ride away.