As a general rule, we never really think about All-Wheel-Alignment unless A: we are obsessive compulsive, or B: we notice our BMW drifting off to the left or right of the highway. It's one of those things where if it's not taken care of right away, it can become one of the quickest ways to wear down your tires prematurely, which may result in a suspension failure or worse. In the case of BMWs, think of the high-performance tires on your vehicle as running shoes for your car. Like an athlete, if the shoes point out or in, they will wear improperly, and a lot sooner than you may have expected. Your BMW of Wyoming Valley service mechanic is ready to straighten you out and send you on your way.

Why a car falls out of alignment.
Tires can go out of alignment for many different reasons. Driving your BMW off the side of the road, hitting some debris or old car parts on the street, or running through a pothole that has your name on it. It might come from something like hitting a curb while parking downtown. Or maybe knocking a parking block outside the local supermarket. All of these scenarios are possible but the fact is the symptoms may remain hidden until a blowout happens or your tire loses grip on the highway.

A blowout can be caused by many situations, but one thing is certain: you can never plan for it. They come with no warning. Your BMW relies on its tires for the superior performance it is known for. That's why alignment is critical. If you don't correct it quickly, those big, expensive, performance tires on your BMW will once again, wear down causing you to replace them a short while later, unless the alignment is attended to. If you need to replace your tires within 20,000 miles of their being new, you are essentially wasting money. Let your BMW of Wyoming Valley specialist mechanic set the alignment straight. It's a small investment that will definitely end up saving you money in the long-run. That's why we recommend an alignment at least once a year.

But when?
Your sense of touch is usually the first way you can tell something is wrong with your BMW's alignment. Moving right or left from centerline on the roadway, whether it occurs when you are driving or possibly even while braking, you are definitely a candidate for an alignment. It will likely continue to worsen, causing a disruption in the handling characteristics of the vehicle. That's just not acceptable in a car that bills itself as the "Ultimate Driving Machine. In a worst case situation, choosing to ignore the alignment needs of your BMW car or SUV, can put you, your loved ones and your vehicle at risk.

Your service advisor at BMW of Wyoming Valley can make an appointment for one of our BMW factory-certified mechanics to inspect the all-wheel-alignment of your BMW to perform an alignment service to get your M3, M5, Z4 or 8 Series, back on track again. But wait, there's more! As an aside, our service technicians recommend rotating and balancing your tires before the alignment. That way, they have the opportunity to equalize themselves at all four corners of the vehicle. A high-speed wheel balance will help to eliminate any out-of-round rotation that may exist, making your BMW of Wyoming Valley truly a handling beast.

Ask one of our BMW Service Specialists to examine your tire's alignment at every oil change. That way you can be sure that your BMW is at the top of its game. No one knows your BMW like the service technicians at BMW of Wyoming Valley. Please Contact us for an appointment today.

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