Believe it or not, your BMW is a living, breathing thing. Really. Everything has to breathe. The engines in your BMW Coupe, Sedan or Sport Activity Vehicle are no different in that they are like human beings, needing to breathe oxygen in order to live. Work with us here. The purpose of the engine and in-cabin air filters in your vehicle from BMW of Wyoming Valley is to allow them receive fresh air on a consistent basis. Both have limited lives and need replacement after varying lengths of time in order to continue functioning at their peak level of efficiency.

The job of your BMW engine air filter is to trap airborne dirt, dust and debris circulating around the engine room, before it has a chance to get inside the engine itself. The other filter, the in-cabin air-conditioning filter, helps to eliminate odors, pollen, dust, smoke and other conditions before they enter into the cabin of your new BMW 2 Series, X3, X4, 5 Series, M6 Convertible.
It's so out of the way that most owners don't even realize there is an in-cabin air filter located at the rearward portion of the engine compartment, just at the base of the windshield. For more information, we'd recommend that you consult with your BMW Owner's Manual for more information on your car's filters. The manual lets you know everything you need to, about operating and maintaining your car for the road ahead.

You and your family will likely be spending a large amount of time inside your new BMW of Wyoming Valley vehicle. That's why it's always a good idea to replace the filters by following the service schedule in your BMW owner's manual. It was written by those who helped to design your vehicle, and we can't think of anyone who would know your BMW better. Your BMW utilizes the company's Condition Based Service (CBS) system, which, through the use of sensors and algorithms, will suggest that the filter be changed based on a combination of mileage, time, and conditions to that point. It may be as soon as 6,000 miles or as long as 15,000 for the in-cabin filter, and up to 60,000 miles for the engine air filter element. The Parts department at BMW of Wyoming Valley stocks all parts including engine and in-cabin air filters for your new BMW. Our job is to get you back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible, all at competitive prices.

The factory-certified service mechanics at the BMW of Wyoming Valley Service Department, along with the owner's manual and the dynamic readouts from the Condition Based Service (CBS) system in your BMW should all combine to help you get the most out of your BMW. They can all detail the best practices to give you the most from your Ultimate Driving Machine.

In addition to the information and recommendations in your BMW Owner's Manual, the Condition Based Service (CBS) system will also sense your BMW's operation under adverse conditions. But in a nutshell, they state that if you have driven your BMW along steep inclines, mountainous routes, or in dusty, windy and arid conditions, that your filters should be changed sooner than normally suggested. If you have more questions, about your engine and cabin filters, please contact the service experts at the service department of BMW of Wyoming Valley. Just search the Google Machine for the phrase "Mechanics near me."

As you can see, your Wyoming Valley BMW is a living, breathing thing, eager to breathe! Call the parts and service department at BMW of Wyoming Valley for an appointment to check and repair your vehicle today.

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