Brakes on your BMW of Wyoming Valley are some of the most critical safety devices on yours or any vehicle today. They are used day in and day out whether on the highway or city streets, to bring your BMW 2- or 4 Series, the M5, the X6 SAV or the i8 Plug-in Electric Hybrid to a safe and complete stop. It's a great thing to know such powerful, and reliable binders are in place on your BMW vehicle, playing such an integral role in getting you and your family to their destinations. While we would never suggest exceeding the limit, it's important to know that your BMW Braking System is on standby, ready and able to help reign things back in.

By following your BMW Condition Based Service (CBS) system, you will always know that the system is ready for business. The system relies on sensors and algorithms that read and analyze conditions relating to the engine, the brakes, the brake fluid, the drivetrain and more. The system will light an alert on the dashboard. That's where the service mechanics at BMW of Wyoming Valley take over. Ignoring the alert can possibly cause harm to you, your car, and your loved ones. It may also result in costly repairs, too, if the brake pads and rotors have worn down too much.

Solve a squeak with a peek: Disc brakes that are past their prime can begin to squeak as they get on in age. An oil change andtire rotation service at BMW of Wyoming Valley is the perfect time to have your brake pads inspected. As the service pros at Wyoming Valley proceed through their duties, they will have a chance to examine the brake pad material to make sure your "Ultimate Driving Machine" remains the "Ultimate" in every way. This is especially important for your technician to inspect and repair or replace the brake pad materials to prevent the added costs of an expensive service of the BMW performance braking system.

More than the sensors themselves, you'll feel it underfoot. As your brakes reach the end of their useful lives, they may begin to feel spongy or even pull to the left or the right when applying them. The same with a pulsing feeling. While applying hard braking during an evasive maneuver or a hard stop it will be normal to feel a pulsing effect from the Antilock Braking System (ABS). We are describing a condition when applying brakes in normal driving situations. This pulsing is usually an indication of a warped brake rotor. As brakes use a tiny bit of material each time you press them, it's only certain that your potential braking problems will continue to worsen over time. Your factory-trained Wyoming Valley BMW mechanics will take care of them right away.

Again, if you notice a softness when applying the brakes, or a strange noise, or metallic feel as you are coming to a stop, it's high-time for a brake inspection. Your BMW service mechanic can help you get the most from the brakes and any other BMW certified parts on your BMW of Wyoming Valley vehicle.

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